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The Burlap Bag team does every step of the candle-making process themselves, from putting wicks in the candles to designing the labels. The candles are made in super small batches to ensure quality. 

Burn time

Each candle has a burn time of 70+ hours and is in a 9oz jar. Their shelf life is 2+ years. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!


The soy used is made of pure 100% natural soybeans. It's made in the US, is biodegradable, and free of pesticides/herbicides.


The fragrances are also made here in the US and are phthalate free. The wick is lead free.

Eco friendly

The packing peanuts we use are biodegradable (made of cornstarch and dissolve in water!), and the boxes are recyclable. If you’re in Austin and bring us back the empty candle jar, you get $1 off your next candle!


Interested in selling our candles in your shop? You'll need a retail license. Please email us and we can send you a link to our wholesale website.

Contact Lauren with questions -

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The Burlap Bag is a small operation run by Josiah and Lauren Lowe in Austin, Texas. Greta and Fletcher, their four and one year olds, help too by laughing and being cute. They started making candles a few years ago and have a passion for great scents and crazy names that make everyone laugh.

When not making candles, they own and run a retail store for handmade goods in Austin, which is also called The Burlap Bag. There, they test out new candle scents and even crazier names. Come by the shop to save on shipping if you’re in Austin!

Contact Lauren with questions -