DIY branch curtain rods

My awesome Grandma said she would make curtains for our shop. She just needed the dimensions of our curtain rods. ...What curtain rods?! I began looking online for "normal" diameters of curtain rods. I accidentally clicked on images in google and was SO thrilled I did! A picture came up with an awesome branch instead of an actual curtain rod. I wanted them.


So that's what we did. I sent Josiah into one of the many forests here in Austin (ok, I went too, it was fun). We only picked up branches that had naturally fallen and weren't moldy. We came back with 8ish awesome branches a little longer than 4 feet each. We picked our 3 favorites and Josiah hung them up for us. Now we have awesome branch curtain rods!


(2 of our windows with awesome branches)

EVERYONE comments on them in the shop and loves them! My favorite part? FREE, handmade, and DIY!