DIY decorations - for free!

We needed holiday decorations. But I'm a cheapo. And didn't want the place covered in tinsel, garlands, and lights. So instead we decided to put up 60+ paper chains! I always thought paper chains were kinda lame... but figured I could make them look awesome with recycled papers!

I used:

-An old airplane book
-A world atlas (my favorite chains are the map ones. SO cool looking!)
-Brown paper grocery bags
-Old magazines, coupons, old papers, scrapbook paper

I used some pattern scissors instead of regular ones. It took just a bit more time but I like the way it looks a lot more!

Once I had some cut, I started hot gluing the papers into paper chains. You could use staples I guess, but I had a lot of hot glue lying around that has never been used. We tried elmers liquid glue and it took years to dry. Hot glue was super fast. I had tons of help - I made "girls night" friends get into cutting and hot gluing for me. HaPaper chains from scrapbook paper that was going to be thrown away

My favorite paper chains... the maps!

The end result? Awesome. Also, very hard to photograph. We hung them up all over the ceiling and down the walls and in front of the windows.

Our shop front window - have a handmade holiday! Also, we are in a window shopping contest! Go vote for the Burlap Bag here!