DIY - Making a gallon of liquid soap for $4

Things I love:

Saving money
Yummy smelling things
EASY projects

This DIY project was perfect for me! I took 2 bars of soap and made them turn into more than a gallon of liquid soap! So awesome. The two bars of soap were $2.99 together and the glycerin was $1.19.


What you need:

A grater
2 bars of soap (I used pomogranite rose... so good!)
2 tablespoons glycerin (get it in the medical aisle. weird, I know! here's some online)
1 gallon water
A big ole pot

What to do:

1. Grate all the soap
2. Put all "ingredients" in the pot. (2 bars grated soap, 2 tablespoons glycerin, 1 gallon water)
3. Put stove on medium until all the soap is dissolved
4. Turn off stove and let it be for 10-12 hours. After a couple of hours it will harden a bit and turn cloudy
5. Pour it into an empty milk carton, an old "refill" soap container, reusable soap dispensers, a beer growler (WHO would do that?! Oh right, we did.)

All soaps are made differently - if yours is too runny, remelt with more grated soap. If it's too hard, add more water.


And you're done! Super fast and now you'll have soap forever. Enjoy your soap!