When we were getting the shop ready for the big(ish) opening, we went to tons of thrift and second hand shops. We found super cool items and for really cheap! One piece was a butler/rolly cart was only $12.... more on that one later. One of our favorite places was the Habitat for Humanity Restore - they had lots of entertainment units, tables, and other furniture. It's on the east side at Comal and 4th. Go check it out - it's great for discounted house stuff!

When I spied this beauty it was instant love...

I had to do some serious convincing to Josiah that this piece could be transformed and made beautiful. It had a lot of chipped black crackle paint, unpainted sides, and a falling off leg. Plus it's a sink... for a shop with no water hook-ups.

Well, we bought it. We then broke the mirror part off (accidentally), fixed the mirror, fixed the leg, painted the entire thing yellow, repeated the paint process twice more, shined the mirror, and now it holds our soaps! And it is everyone's favorite furniture piece in the shop. All for under $200! At an antique store, a piece similar to this in great condition would've been ~$800.

One of our yummy bars of soap.... we have oatmeal milk and honey, almond biscotti, pumpkin spice, and blackberry sage