DIY sprinkle ornaments

Fact: I love sprinkles.

Fact: I have about 3 ornaments. I'm pretty picky about my style. Plus I'm a cheapo and refuse to buy one fragile glass one for $9 (although some are so awesome. a hot dog? an ice cream cone?!)

Last year in the spring when all the Christmas ornaments went on sale, I bought 3 boxes of clear ornaments. Half off! I got 60 ornaments for almost nothing. And then I held on to them all year while I thought of what to do with them (and forgot about them.) Then, two days ago, I found HUGE tubs of sprinkles in the $1 section of Target. You know you love that aisle....

Genius idea: Shove the sprinkles in the ornaments.

Yes, there are ways to use less sprinkles. You can pour in glue and let it sit a bit, and then pour in sprinkles. But I'm lazy. I just poured in the sprinkles and put the lid on the ornaments. Done. This isn't even a tutorial... it's too easy.

rainbow sprinkles!

rainbow nonpareils

star sprinkles - maybe my favorite ones in the ornaments!

I made 20 ornaments altogether... but the rainbow ones are definitely the coolest. I used green sprinkles, brown sprinkles, and those super tiny red ones that are like glitter almost.

Also, they make great cat toys. Carrots wanted to play with those fragile things while I photographed them. Not a happy Lauren.

Sprinkle ornaments. There you have it.