DIY tree branch stocking hanger

So you've got these awesome stockings you bought off etsy. But every year you just hang them up with tape or a lame stocking hanger. What if... you could create your own super cool stocking hanger? And for free?!

I present: the tree branch stocking hanger

I (and by I, I mean Josiah) used a leftover branch that we found for the diy branch curtain rods (yes, we are kinda into branches. A lot.) We nailed in a bunch of... nails. We tried to do them evenly spaced apart. There's a couple extra on ours in case we get more stockings. We (... just Josiah) hung up the branch on the wall.... and that's it. So easy and you will have the coolest stocking hanger ever.

Yes, our stockings are made of burlap. Cmon, it's The Burlap Bag! Did you expect anything less?

Ok. Go do it. And send me your photos!