DIY Chalkboard Spice Shaker

Remember that post we did about the DIY spice shaker? No? Ok - read it here DIY SPICE SHAKER

Now that you know how to do that.... we've come up with an even BETTER idea!

A DIY chalkboard spice shaker!! It's so stinkin' easy.


Way 1: Get a firm piece of paper but not cardboard. Cereal boxes and cracker boxes are great! You don't want just regular paper since you're painting it and it'll get soggy. If you haven't already made the lid, go learn how to now. If you already made the lid from our previous tutorial's instructions: Trace and cut your firm paper with the previous lid circle... and make a hole for the spout. Then paint with chalkboard paint and you = done.

Way 2: Take the lid from our previous tutorial. Paint with chalkboard paint. You = done.


(cut it. then paint it.)


and write whatever is in it! salt, sugar, oregano, paprika, baking soda, etc.


done. did you get all the way here and STILL not read our previous spice shaker tutorial? seriously? well, you can now. click dat photo.