Make your own vegetable broth - for free!

I really dislike spending tons of money on groceries. BUT, I do love to eat. Ha.

I've heard of people making their own homemade chicken broth and realized I could totally make my own vegetable broth! So I googled a few recipes, combined them, and made up my own tutorial & recipe.


DIY Vegetable broth:

  • Short easy (1 step) version: Cook vegetables in 8ish cups of water for an hour or so.

  • Other short easy (2 steps) version: Cook vegetables in the pot for 5-10 minutes, then add 8ish cups of water and cook for an hour or so. The veggies will give off a stronger taste (supposedly) if you cook them before you add water.

Then strain the liquid and discard the veggies. Or, if you cut them up small, you can leave them in the stock and eat 'em.

That's it! You now have homemade vegetable broth. It's ridiculously easy. Should I rename that to be my blog name? Because if anything's complicated I'm usually not blogging on it.

OK. About your vegetables. DO NOT BUY VEGETABLES JUST FOR THIS BROTH! Instead: buy the veggies you normally do. If you peel a carrot, stick the peels in a container in the freezer. If you cut off the leafy part of celery, stick it in the freezer. Only needed half of that onion? Freeze the other half. Then pull all these out once you have a good stash and want some veggie stock. NOTE: Some veggies freeze weird. Their texture won't be the same, but their taste mostly will be the same. If you plan on using the veggies in the broth for soup or something, don't use frozen ones. But if you're gonna strain the veggies out, then you can use frozen ones. I didn't use anything frozen - everything I had was from this week. If you use tons of veggies weekly, you won't need to freeze any.

What I used this time:
Broccoli stem (supposedly you shouldn't add broccoli to veggie broth, but who said I ever follow the rules? & my broth turned out great!)

Other things you can add:
Green onions
Garlic (who ever has any garlic left they need to get rid of?!? Garlic never lasts long in our house)
Fresh herbs! parsley, thyme, bay leaves


SO. Now you have all this broth. You can use it right away. Or you can freeze some and have it ready for later.


I froze mine in awesome ice cube trays! When I need some broth, I just chuck in a couple of ice cubes. It is helpful though to know how much a cube is though:

2 ice cubes = 1/4 cup liquid (from my ice cube trays. Measure yours!)


Done. Never buy vegetable broth again! Ever! And never throw away veggie scraps!