De-Seed a Pomegranate in under a minute!

This is another one of those "WHY AM I JUST NOW LEARNING THIS?" things.

We were at our friend Brother Wagen's house. We brought pomegranates. We went to score them and pick out all the pomegranate seeds for the next 10 minutes. And Brother Wagen stopped us immediately. "What are you guys doing. Stop. Don't you know the fastest way to do that?!" So he showed us the easiest way to de-seed a pomegranate:

Cut it in half. Bang on it really hard with a spoon. DONE.


And really, that's it. We cut it in half. We pulled on the sides a little so it "gives". Then, we banged on the outside part with a metal spoon. All the pomegranate seeds fell into a bowl!

We took a video of it so you can see it in action. Please note that it's just 57 seconds long!

Yes, there were a couple (10 max) left in the pomegranate shell, but they are so easy to pick out. And doing all this in under a minute TOTALLY beats the normal "score the outside, then cut into 6 pieces. Then carefully pick out all the seeds for 10 hours or until you go CRAZY... whichever comes first".

Ok let's review. You'll need: a pomegranate, knife, spoon, and bowl. Cut it in half. Bang on one side. Eat.


WARNING: It will look like a crime scene. There's a sharp knife covered in red, plus red splatters everywhere. The more you do this, you'll get better at not splattering.


And now go eat and enjoy pomegranates! They are sooo tasty. In fruit salad, banana bread, drinks, etc. What do you guys like to put pomegranate seeds in?