DIY dishwasher detergent

Facts about me:

1. I hate rinsing dishes. I always just put them in the dishwasher with all that food gunk on 'em. What's the point of having a dishwasher if you have to wash the dishes before the dishwasher washes them...?
2. I hate long projects.
3. We eat a lot of food. And have a lot of dirty dishes. I need to save money on dishwasher detergent.

Facts about this project tutorial diy homemade dishwasher detergent whatever thing:
1. One tablespoon of this magic makes my dishes shine... WITHOUT having to wash them before they get washed in the dishwasher.
2. This takes 15 seconds.
3. This is cheap. 4 cents a load or something ridiculous like that. Plus, now that you have borax/washing soda, you can easily make your own laundry detergent! (Or vice versa! If you've already made your own laundry detergent, then you already have the ingredients for this!)


So get ready for the super complicated project. You'll need a lot of paper to write this down:

Step 1: Combine equal parts washing soda and borax in a container. (I used my old detergent container!)

Aaaaaand that's it. I combined one cup washing soda and one cup borax. Stir. Then, I put one tablespoon in my dishwasher.


Some notes:

-You might need to play with the amounts in your own dishwasher. Every dishwasher is different and has it's own emotional baggage.
-We add two drops of dish soap each time we put the detergent in the dishwasher. Supposedly that can help with cloudy glasses or something.
-USE VINEGAR AS A RINSE AID! So stinkin' cheap and it works like a charm. If your dishes have a film or scum, add vinegar to the rinse aid compartment thing.


And check out how clean all my dishes are! So simple.