Giveaway Winner & St. Patrick's Day Hair

It's St. Patrick's Day! Also, my mom's half birthday. We love to celebrate those half's. " ____ birthday  ____ you,  ____ birthday  ____ you,  ____ birthday  ____ Mom,  ____ birthday  ____ you." (Josiah just read this and said why did you leave out the "happy" and the "to"? IT'S HALF, JOSIAH.)

For St. Patty's Day, (I'm really festive. And by really, I mean not at all. But I love a good excuse to wear a bow) I'm wearing a green bow in my hair today like this:


But I shot that photo three days ago, and with a pink bow. But that wouldn't fit for this post now, would it? So we make the photo b&w. Pretend it's green. The one I'm wearing today really is green. No pinching please.

The real reason you are all here: Announcing of the giveaway winner for the cantaloupe bowl!!

We had more than 150 people enter in with various comments, signing up for our newsletter and posting on pinterest....

And the winner is: Hilary of @witmuster

Congrats!!! We'll have another giveaway very soon!!