Grow Green Onions in Water

I went to my friend Sunee's house the other day. She had green onions in some water in her kitchen. I thought she was a little crazy when she told me that you can grow green onions in just water - so then I had to go find out for myself. And she's not crazy... you really can!

I cut mine on Friday and then photo'ed them again today (Monday). Look at how much they grew!!


Supposedly you just need at least 1/2 inch of root to grow and they should keep growing about 3-4 more times after you keep cutting them. I'm guessing sooner or later they'll stop growing because they need more nutrients than the water can provide. But this is an AWESOME way to have plenty of green onions for a month and save money!


Mine just sat on the kitchen counter that doesn't get any direct sunshine. Make sure you change the water every other day or so. So there's your way-too-easy-to-be-considered-a-project Burlap Bag project. Never throw away the ends of your green onions again!


(p.s. Sunee you are my bffffffff and I didn't really think you were crazy. Ok maybe a little but I still think that.)

Time for an update!! Go here for an update on how well my green onions are growing!