MAKE "hard boiled" eggs in the oven!

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This is so cool. Yes, I know I always say that. BUT SERIOUSLY, it's amazing. And WHY HASN'T ANYONE EVER TOLD ME THIS?!

You can BAKE eggs and they will come out exactly (if not better!) like normal hard-boiled eggs.


Yes, I've read all those tutorials of "the perfect hard-boiled egg". They are too time consuming/attention needy for me! "get the water boiling with salt and baking soda and random other ingredient that supposedly helps with peeling. put in the eggs for 96 seconds. then remove it from heat and add the lid for exactly 8.2 minutes."

Why baking them is awesome:

Stick them in the oven for 30 minutes.  

And that's it! SO easy. Bake them in the oven at 325-350 degrees for 30 minutes. (depending on your oven. Try one egg at 325 and see how it does!) I put them in mini muffin pans so they don't wiggle around! (I thought I was super smart for that idea. No, I'm not humble. It was a great idea!) Then go do something else for 30 minutes. Go get a snow cone, shave your legs, spend way too much time on pinterest (that IS how you found our blog... isn't it? ha!), nag your husband about ____, make yourself a drink, or whatever it is you do in your free time.


That photo has no purpose. Other than showing off my amazing egg holder. Thank you parents!


NOTE: When you bake eggs, the shells will get little brown dots. (I don't have photos. I forgot, sue me, yeah yeah) Totally fine! When you soak them in water (read below) the brown spots will all disappear!

After 30 minutes:

Get a huge bowl of ice water. Use tongs and put the eggs in the water. This stops the eggs from cooking more and getting yucky green. After they are cooled, 10ish minutes, you can peel them. Josiah HATES peeling eggs and always cries like a baby about doing it. But HE commented "Lauren this is so easy! Look!" So there. Maybe this way makes them more peelable. No more crying husband. Also, people have said that the yolks are creamier when you bake them and the egg white isn't as rubbery! Another also, this is perfect for doing lots and lots of bulk egg cooking! My mini muffin tin would fit 24 eggs. No waiting for a HUGE pot of water to boil. Take that, you pot of boiling water.

And check out these eggs. They were all baked in an oven for 30 minutes and look PERFECT!


So go enjoy 30 minutes today while you're baking some hard boiled eggs. (NOTE. All ovens are different, eggs are different sizes, etc. You might need to go shorter or longer than 30 minutes. Mine were perfect at 30 but do them as YOU like them! I cooked mine at 350 but some people said there's were too done with that.)

After previewing my draft of this, Josiah said eggcellent. Without meaning to. He says he's accidentally funny. Also, do you pronounce it "egg yoke" or "egg yolk"? I'm definitely a YOLK person.  

*edit. I've had some people tell me "lauren you're dumb. this takes longer than boiling them!" YES I KNOW THAT! But... this way is easier for me. Just stick them in for 30 minutes and go do something.

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