Shave those pills off your clothes!

I saw a "trick" online and thought "Weird! I wonder if that really works!"

So I tried it. Yes, you can indeed shave the pills off of your sweaters and jackets and any other article of clothing that is pill-y. Pilly? Is that a word? And there's really nothing to it. Grab a razor and just shave away like you would on your face/legs/wherever. We used a disposable one so there wouldn't be any random hairs in the photo... ha!

***EDIT EDIT! - DON'T GO TOO FAST WITH A RAZOR WITH LOTS OF BLADES! You might cut a hole in your clothes. We didn't run into that problem at all with the disposable razor/single blade... so maybe stick with those. here's the one we used.



We started with the top part of this jacket... look at how clean it is!

Enjoy your pill-less life!

EDIT--- yes... I know you could just buy an electric pill shaver thing. But the whole point is that you don't have to buy anything for this! And could do this anywhere that you have a razor... including traveling!