Store bobby pins in a tic tac container

Bobby Pin Storage!

As I was getting ready to take photos for this little "project" (can you even call it a project if it takes 30 seconds?), I realized I didn't know where my huge bulk of bobby pins were. You know, the ones that come all on a piece of paper at the store... and I have been carrying around... still on the paper. Yeah. I lost that paper. So instead, I ran around my house and found all the random bobby pins from: the bottom of my purse with old receipts, the top drawer of my blue dresser next to my old sunglasses and swimsuit, and the toiletries basket with my contacts and various rings.

WHICH IS WHY THIS PROJECT IS AMAZING! I gathered all my random bobby pins and now they are all in one place. Which is in this tic tac container, which will forever be in my purse. Ok, too many which-es.


What to do:
Get a box of tic tacs.
Eat them. (Josiah did this step joyfully)
Take off sticky wrapper. This took some goo-gone and water to get all the sticky off.
Put in your bobby pins!

Never lose those bobby pins again


The containers can fit at least a normal pack of bobby pins... maybe 40ish? (I managed to find the paper with a few bobby pins on it... in the car... naturally)


And I had a great idea as I was clearing out the bobby pins from the bottom of my purse! There were also tons of hair bands just hanging out down there. Why not put them around the tic tac container? They fit perfectly on the container, like they would on your wrist. Not too stretched or too loose! And now you can have all your hair accessories together.

Now go enjoy those tic tacs.