Update on Growing Green Onions in Water

My green onions are still growing! And they are probably getting too long - - I should eat some soon! In fact, I will. Tonight. In scrambled eggs. Mmmm.

Have no idea what I'm talking about? In this post, I shared how you can grow green onions in water. Yep, don't throw away those ends when you cut them off. Stick them in water, and in 8 days, you could have THIS:


Aren't they HUGE?! I was amazed. I definitely didn't think they'd grow that much... that fast!

Turnip (also known as Grumpy. Look at that face.) was super impressed too and wanted to eat 'em. Carrots (also known as Fatty) was polite and didn't jump in the photos while Lauren was trying to shoot.


Please tell me how your green onions are coming along!! Be sure to be changing the water every other day.

p.s. doesn't this seem like the coolest kid project? have them measure the green onions every day!