Artist Spotlight - Little Minnow

Our shop loves to feature the work of local handmade artists whenever possible. It's hard to have just local artists... as some SUPER cool handmade items are from artists in New York, California, and even other countries. But we got super lucky when we found Little Minnow - we found their Texas "howdy" cards by surfing etsy for Austin artists. As they came to deliver the cards, I saw their screen-printed infinity scarves and said "WHAT! plzzzz add 10 of those to our order!" Ha. And the scarves have been a huuuuge favorite from customers. Everyone who touches a scarf (they are so soft!) buys one. Every. Person. Come in and touch one. I dare you!

So enjoy this interview with the Austin sister-duo known as Little Minnow!


-Give us some basic info about you: name, where you live, kids/pets, favorite ice cream flavor, what you do, etc.

Hello there! We are Lizzi and Mary of Little Minnow Designs. Originally from the great northern state of Minnesota, somehowwe have found ourselves living in Austin, Texas. Pretty lucky we think. We are sisters, and we live together with our fish Yosaki Yojimbo (Saki Bomb, for short) and our Basil plant, aptly named Bad Boy Baz. We love hand-drawn typography, breakfast tacos, pretty fabric, tea, and screen-printing. When it comes to ice cream, we would do just about anything for a drumstick.

-What mediums do you like to work with?

We love texture. We are very hands-on when it comes to choosing paper and fabric for our work. We also love color. We get so excited when we find a new color of fabric for our scarves or mix up a sweet shade to use for making prints.

-Were you creative growing up/what did you enjoy doing?

Oh goodness. We have been DIY girls as long as we can remember. Our mom played a big role in this as she was always helping us think of new projects and providing supplies for our endeavors. (Hi Mom!) Growing up we used to sew our own scrunchies, purses, and add embellishments to our jeans. It was cool back then, we swear. It seems everything just kind of evolved from there. We are always sketching, brainstorming new products and designs, researching our craft. Although we both studied art in college (Lizzi in Advertising, Mary in Fine Arts), printmaking has mainly been a self-taught adventure.


-Top 5 favorite foods, tv shows, and bands?

Favorite Foods: sushi, breakfast tacos, chocolate milk, anything with avocado…does beer fit into this category? When we have a big day of work ahead of us, you can bet that we will have some Chex Mix and Hot Tamales on hand.

TV Shows: Arrested Development, House, The Mentalist, Modern Family, and Workaholics…Our guilty pleasure is the show Intervention. We are pretty sure we could lead one at this point.

Bands: Our working Pandora stations range anywhere from John Mayer to Regina Spektor, Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift or Adele….but an impromptu Disney or Brand New sing-a-long is not unusual in our apartment. Lizzi has quite the vocal range and is not afraid to use it.

-Is there anything you’d like to try your hand at doing?

We have done some research and are hoping to be working with a letterpress in the near future (again, we love texture!) We would also like to learn more about working with leather.

-One year from now....

We hope that Little Minnow Designs is our only job – and we spend our days drinking tea, designing, and printing. Oh, and maybe doing so in a bigger space than we currently have now. Yeah, that would be nice.


In love with these scarves as much as we are? Check out Little Minnow's etsy shop if you're not in Austin. Living in our beautiful city? Come check them out in person at The Burlap Bag at 30th and Guadalupe! I promise you... if you feel one, you'll want one!