DIY earring holder tutorial

I had a cardboard box full of earrings. Because sometimes, I'm classy. But sooner or later I opened my eyes and saw that I was a mess. I saw some beautiful earring holders online for.... $$150!!!!!!! what. So instead, I made my own for $20!! And then I made a huge one for the shop for $30. And then I made a cute little one for $2. So pick whichever one fits your earring (and budget) needs.


You'll need:
-One of the following: a hanger, a small print drawer, a large print drawer, or an old coke bottle wood crate. Or something else wood-y.
-A 1/16 drill bit, plus a drill
-Screw eyes (we bought the smallest ones the hardware store had... so helpful, I know)

So no matter which holder you use, you'll use the same basic principles:
-Drill a hole in the wood with a 1/16 drill bit. Drill it about 1/4 inch in. (or less)
-Then screw in tiny eyelet hooks.


Screwing in all the eyelets will get SO tiring on your hands (especially if you do the one that has like 80 spaces, that's 160 to screw in!), so do it slowly during a movie or something. Or 5 movies.


For the hanger: Space the holes about an inch apart if you want to put one pair in one hook. That's what we did. You could also have two holes right next to each other if you want one earring per hole.


This one is a huge antique printer drawer. This huge guy is just like the ones I saw online for $150! That's so crazy. Yes, it took FOREVER to put it all the holes and eyelets, but it was worth it! This is how we organize and display some of the earrings at the shop. It is great. You can find the old printer drawers on ebay or antique stores for super cheap! We found this big one for probably $25 at an antique store.


And this is the "half sized" printer drawer. Shown is the wacky earring collection of yours truly. Yeah, I have some really weird earrings, don't judge me.  I only put the earring things in about half of the spaces... I like the randomness of it! We found this half guy at the same antique store for $15ish.


Ok, one last step. You could just prop this up on a table, dresser, counter, whatever. But we have ours hanging in the shop and my half sized one hanging in our room. We put two d-rings on both sides at the top: 

And then you have nails or screws on the wall that those rings will just hang into. And you're done! Get rid of that nasty whatever-you-were-using-earlier-for-your-earrings-maybe-just-your-counter thing.

Leave comments with any questions if you have any! I know I'm great at explaining things so this is probably crystal clear. (not)