Drinks for a Picnic in Mason Jars

Josiah and I have been trying to go as "green" as possible lately. We don't use paper towels, we don't use paper tissues, and we reuse our toilet paper. Just kidding on that last one... yuck! We aren't that crazy yet.

Another part of loving our earth involves not using paper plates, napkins, or those classy red college cups. We always use our two reusable water bottles. This evening we're going on a picnic with some friends and we're bringing drinks in mason jars! (hey, it's Friday!) We made these early this morning and now they are chillin (literally) in the fridge. When we want to drink them this evening, we'll just give them a shake to  (since they are completely sealed!) and enjoy!


Oh yeah, and I'm kinda obsessed with my picnic basket suitcase thing. It has gingham fabric. I got it at Goodwill and it was completely NEW! It has 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 forks, 4 spoons, and 4 knives. And they were all still wrapped in plastic. Did I mention the gingham fabric?!


Mmm and some yummy drinks!

The 2 red jars: peach rooibos iced tea - with some simple syrup (we wouldn't be real Texans if we didn't drink sweet tea!)
The yellow-ish jar: a real "we don't mess around with our daiquiris" daiquiri - 2 parts rum, 1 part lime juice, 1/2 part simple syrup
The white-ish jar: A Coco Chanel! (new favorite drink.) Equal parts kahlua, gin, and cream. A dessert drink!


And now I'm counting down until 6:30 when we can go enjoy the mason jar drinks! Hooray for picnics and weekends and hopefully sunny skies (I'm talking to you, Texas.)

p.s. we are having food at this picnic. not just booze and tea (and our friends are bringing wine). but the food's not as cute looking as these drinks in jars.