eggcellent egg ideas

I've been seeing TONS of fried egg ideas lately... so we decided to try some out! Tell me any other ones you use... maybe we'll try them!

First off... the classic "eggie in a basket"! Love this one... we've been eating that since we got married almost 4 years ago. They make it in V for Vendetta... one of my favorite movies. Just use a cup or cookie cutter (I could only find a heart cookie cutter. Oh the shame.) and cut out some of the bread. Stick it in a pan and crack the egg in the hole!

Oh yeah, and my heart turned wonky and looks dumb. BUT IT TASTED GREAT! And that's all that matters. Because who photo's their food and then posts it for the world to see? Oh right, me. I'll work on my heart cookie cutter skills, haters.


Next up are fried egg in bell peppers! Cut a slice like 1/2 an inch-ish thick. Bigger if you want. Put it in the pan and crack the egg in the middle. Voila! A pretty bell pepper egg flower.


And I couldn't even help myself from eating a bit before I finished taking pictures. Oops. Classic Lauren line: "Sue me."

 Next up - fried egg in an onion! If you don't like raw onion, this one probably isn't for you. The onion won't get super cooked in the time it takes to cook the egg. Same as before, cut the onion into 1/2 inch-ish slice, crack egg in middle, yadda yadda. Doesn't look very picturesque either, but you get the idea.


And finally... the one that sounded most intriguing to me...

Baked Egg in an AVOCADO! Cut an avocado in half. Crack the egg IN the avocado (it will barely fit if you have a small avocado and large eggs. You could scoop out some of the avocado). Then BAKE it at 425 until the egg is your desired bake-ness. This took me 20-ish minutes?


And the terrible news that I'll only tell YOU?

I hated it. Ok, hate is a strong word. It just wasn't my cup of tea. Or cup of egg? The avocado was hot and I didn't like it mixed with the egg taste. I'm much more of a avocado/fresh garlic/lime/all on a chip girl. Also known as guacamole. I seriously love avocados though and figured this would be so tasty! Maybe others will enjoy it. Tell me if you do like it! (I won't judge.... too much :) )

Well, there ya have it. Some different ways to make fried eggs. And one baked egg. Tell me more ideas!

(also. I was gonna credit people for a few of these ideas, but when i went to see who first created certain ones... like 10 people claimed to! ha!)