super duper cheap sale!

Well, it's that time of year again... for our annual sale. We've done it every year we've been open. Well. We've only been open 7 months. So here is our annual sale. For the first time. First annual. We're cool like that.


If you live in the amazing and best city (except in July) known as Austin, Texas, please come see us this Saturday! We will have so many AWESOME handmade items on sale... making room for more new and also awesome items! There will be even be a $1 item pile!!

If you don't live here in Austin (don't cry too much) and can't come see us and our shop.... tell someone who DOES live in Austin! And then beg them to buy you something awesome at our super duper cheap sale. Because really... I'm tempted to just take all the amazing items home with me. And I'm not allowed to do that. SO COME GET IT!!

Ok. That's all. Spread the word, I'll be here all day Saturday, giving out free shrugs. (no. this is not Josiah. or Lauren.)


I'll also be giving out free sarcastic remarks all day. You are welcome in advance.