6 tips for a bad blog

Have a blog that you're wanting to make a little worse? You've come to the right place. I've got lots of advice to turn away readers and make your site smell.


6 tips for a bad blog:
1. Always write really long posts. Don't use any photos

2. Write about things that you think others may like... but you actually think are kinda boring.

3. Have your main goal be to try to sell your products. Have every post lead to that.

4. Never reply to comments.

5. Create an online persona that's totally different from the real you.

6. Only include pictures of your cats.

Ok, please tell me you caught on that those are terrible ideas. BUT, I have seen people do all those things. And some I'm guilty of! Here's how to switch those around and make your blog more reader-friendly.

6 tips for a better blog! 
1. Have great photos! Mine aren't always, but I'm always trying to get better. If people like a picture, they will pin it, facebook it, email it to friends, etc. Also, please write! But... people don't usually want to read a super long play-by-play of your day.

2. Write about things you think are awesome! If you think they are sweet, chances are, others will think they are great too.

3. Post about lots of things. Food, projects, personal stuff, kids, what you make, etc.  If SOME posts lead to you talking about your product, that's fine! Just don't make every post point to selling yourself.

4. Reply to comments! People love it when you interact and *gasp* even use their names!

5. BE YOURSELF! I'm my snarky, sarcastic self. It makes it more fun for me to actually write, and (maybe) people enjoy reading it. (who am I kidding, I'm sure people think I'm too sarcastic. But hey, I have fun!)

6. Include a variety of photos of you, kids, cats, friends, food, garden, kitchen, the city, whatever. Not just your cats (ummm yeah, i'm guilty of the cat one.)

above all else, 

just enjoy blogging. 

Now. I'm not claiming to have an amazing blog. Or even a good blog! But - I enjoy what I do. And I'm always striving to be better! I think these tips will help improve your blog! (just make sure you do the ones for a better blog... not a bad blog.)