make coffee ice cubes with leftover coffee

confession: i don't really drink coffee that much. I KNOW I KNOW I'm crazy. You were getting ready for a confession of "i drink 7 cups a day!" But my body doesn't handle caffeine well. I get shaky, hungry, really grumpy (just ask Josiah...), and I can't sleep at night if I have any past 3pm. So if we do make coffee, there's gonna be a lot left over. But you can't waste that precious coffee! No, no, you must pour it in ice cube trays and freeze it! Then it's PERFECT for iced coffee! And iced coffee is perfect for me... because I use a lotta milk. Ha. I know, I'm not a normal human. Never claimed to be....


So first, make yourself some coffee. Are you drinking some right now while reading this? Let the leftover coffee cool down - don't melt your ice cube trays. The thought of hot plastic makes Josiah have a little panic attack. So let it get to room temperature. Pour it in some ice cube trays and freeze them for a couple of hours. You could then stick them in another container so you can use your ice trays again and make more!


So now you've got these frozen coffee ice cubes. Make the iced coffee the way you like it!

If you're really hardcore about your coffee, just stick the coffee ice cubes into some regular coffee. It'll make it nice and cold and WON'T water it down... since there's no normal ice cubes! Add a bit of cream or sugar (or buckets of cream and sugar if you're me.)


If you aren't as hardcore about your coffee (guilty, I am. thanks yoda), then maybe you'll enjoy this amazing version. We made it this morning and are kinda obsessed... which is probably TERRIBLE for my "not-having-caffeine-thing". But it's worth some shaky Lauren.


Pour a glass half full of milk. Add 4-5 coffee ice cubes. THAT'S IT!! It'll get more coffee flavored the more that the ice cubes melt... you can add some sugar if you need. I didn't. It was delicious.

Don't ever throw away the leftover coffee again! If you don't want it, ship it to me. Ha.