fresh quinoa salad - recipe

I have no desire for this to be a food blog. BUT - sometimes there's just some things I gotta share with you! I eat this dish at least once-ish a week. It's so tasty. And healthy. And easy. And gluten free. And vegan (if you don't put in goat cheese!). And easy to change to your tastes! I named it "fresh quinoa salad".


Fresh Quinoa Salad Recipe-

Ingredients: (what's awesome is that you can put whatever you currently have in your kitchen or what fits your taste! I didn't list any amounts below because it just depends on what you're wanting.)

Black beans
Yellow squash
Grape tomatoes
Dry Coleslaw mix (pre-dressing. it's comes in a bag near the lettuce. it has shredded carrots & broccoli & cabbage)
Green bell pepper
Cooked quinoa (mine was a mix of regular and red quinoa)
Lime juice (I use one whole lime)
Salt, garlic powder, onion flakes
Goat cheese!

Other things that you could put in but I didn't this time:

Red, orange, or yellow bell pepper
Olive oil
Chick peas
Spinach Onions / Green onions


Cut all the veggies and mix it all together. No really. That's it. I just get a massive bowl and put it all the cut up veggies, beans, corn, quinoa, & lime juice. I sprinkle the goat cheese on top. Leave it off and it's vegan!

I make a big pot of quinoa all at once and then I can just grab what I need out of it each day for lunch. Quinoa is super packed full of protein - it's actually not a grain. It's seeds! Some people think it's a bit bland - try using chicken or veggie stock instead of water when you make it!

This meal keeps me going all day at the shop. And I like all the different combos of food so my taste buds don't get bored.

- - -

While photo'ing the quinoa salad this morning, Carrots had to poke her way into my space and see what I was doing. So she got a nice portrait taken.


meow! hope you enjoy the recipe. tell me if there's any other random ingredients you would add!