May shop update

Our shop here in Austin (yes, we have a real shop, not just a blog! it's called The Burlap Bag, imagine that!) has some items that need to be shown off because they are AWESOME (and handmade!). first off: reusable burlap sandwich bags. we are The Burlap Bag, after all!


and: awesome cards. these "all purpose cards" are hilarious... check as many as apply! I went to a baby shower and checked: new baby, mastery of (baby making), getting this card from me, promotion (to mom), and great hair day. The last one was just because. The card on the left is all about "I love you...." 

and here's a couple more cards people are loving! "whisking you a happy birthday" and "love you like no otter"


and: candles. these are made by Josiah and I!! Our old candle lady stopped making them and we cried a little. And then found out we can just do them ourselves! Woohoo. We women cannot resist candles. Josiah could care less, I think. Ha. A few customer favorites already: sage citrus, honey almond, and monkey farts. Yes you read that last one right. It smells like bananas! Plus, since we make them, we can ask people what scents they want!


Another great thing: We're having a huge event at the shop soon!! It's a FREE (yes freeeeeee) ladies clothing swap!

Details: May 19th - 6pm-8pm At: The Burlap Bag, Austin TX Free drinks and snacks! Everyone invited! The more ladies, the more awesome clothes. And styles and sizes. Check out our facebook event page for more details... and please RSVP!

Lastly - Mother's Day is coming up on May 13th! We have this awesome poster:


So make sure you do something great for your mom! I wish mine was in the same city.... let alone the same state as Josiah and I! Just because I think it's hilarious, here's a baby photo of me (and my mom!). I win the chubby baby award. My checks almost go past my chin.


Shop update: over.