3 day cleanse with micronutrient foods

Josiah and I are doing a three day cleanse thing. For yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we're eating JUST plant-based foods. Plants filled with micronutrients. The vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy.This means: vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes (beans), and seeds.
No processed foods, no dairy, no flour, no added sugar, no meat.
But I can eat: avocado! quinoa! (it's actually seeds!) tomatoes! beans! and lots of other tasty things!


We decided to get a juicer and we love it. there's no way we were gonna pay $400 for one of those crazy juicers! we got one for $50 and it works SO great!! Would totally recommend it - ours is the Big Mouth Juicer

Freshly juiced apple juice... AMAZING! Add in some spinach and kale, which you won't taste, and you're just packing in nutrients. We're having fresh juice a couple of times during the day, and eating some un-juiced too. (bananas don't juice so well...) Other than that, we're snacking on nuts and my yummy fresh quinoa salad. And avocados. I'm also not eating any salt! That's the hard part for me. I love salty foods. So I just make sure to add lots of other flavors so my mouth doesn't miss the salt - fresh garlic, onions, and lime juice in the quinoa salad and on the avocados!

Here's a couple of our juice recipes we've made....


Light green juice - (a great breakfast juice - It keeps us full until lunch! It's a great "beginning" juice recipe... tastes like apple juice!)


3 apples
3 carrots
Huge handful of spinach
Huge handful of kale or collard greens
1 orange 

Ours made 28oz - enough for the both of us!

and another:


Dark green juice - (this one definitely has a more intense veggie flavor...)


1 apple
1 carrot
1 cucumber
2 celery stalks
Huge handful of spinach
Huge handful of kale or collard greens
a few sprigs of parsley

What's great about the juices - you can change them to what tastes good to you! add in a little more spinach, lemon juice, ginger, etc.

Share any juice recipes that you love! We're still experimenting with more veggies and fruit! I haven't tried any tomato juice ones yet, but I really want to. We added a very small section of a beet to one and we both HATED it. ew ew ew. So bitter. But, it did make the drink a nice pink color... still not worth it. Ha!

Anyways - off to eat my quinoa salad for lunch before I get grumpy at Jo. (no, i'd never do that... :) )