bamboo + lace ring / napkin holder tutorial

Today we've got a super easy project to show you. We had to buy NOTHING for this diy project... which is so awesome!

It's actually two different items: A bamboo ring and a bamboo napkin holder. And you can add lace to make them look cuter and girly!


 Materials necessary:

Dried bamboo
Mod Podge or Hot Glue

Depending on what you're gonna make, you need different widths of bamboo. (Josiah just ran around in the forest like he likes to do and grabbed some dried dead bamboo) Napkin rings - We used bamboo that had an inside diameter of at least 1 inch for the napkin rings (and that depends on the thickness of your napkins... if you have lil wimpy napkins they could be thinner.) Finger rings - We used bamboo that had an inside diameter of 3/4 inch for my ring finger, and 1 inch for my thumb. (this also depends on your finger size. I have baby handz)

So once you've got the perfect bamboo to use, you gotta cut it with the saw into the perfect pieces for rings and napkin holders. We cut ours to be about 1/2 inch thick... but do whatchu like.

And then sand those suckers! Just make the edges smooth so they don't snag on anything.


Above are the bamboo napkin rings... below is a bamboo ring (it's a little big for that finger... ha oops)


This could be the end of your project if you like 'em just bamboo-y. They do look pretty sweet! BUT.... you could add some lace. Which ups the cool factor.

I used lace that was leftover from another project. I cut the lace a little wider than the ring and hot glued it on... and then mod-podged over it so there's not any loose ends. Then I chopped off all the extra lace with some scissors (oops, forgot to say that one in the materials. i'm sure you have like 10 pairs of little kid scissors lying around. those work great.)


don't they look so fun and delicate? but they are so easy. and free. you could also use black lace. OR a colored lace. OR you could spray paint over the lace on the bamboo and then take the lace off.... leaving the design of lace! Ok, I wanna do that next. :)

Our AC is broken at the shop today. Yes, it's currently like 1000 degrees outside. Yes, I'm crying.