DIY clothing rack for under $10

This Wednesday was CRAZY! Three things happened: -Our second post as a contributing writer is up on Simple Mom! And this one... is written by Josiah! (oh, the shock! The man of the blog can WRITE?! I thought he just looked dorky in his huge green glasses and was the hands in all the photos and made Lauren laugh all day?! I was just as shocked as you are. And his writing is funny and snarky... just like mine.... Haaa probably why we're married.)

Anyways, now that you're over being shocked, go check out his post on Simple Mom-  it's how to make a sweet clothing rack for under $10!

We hung up all my cardigans on it for a photo... which you'll hafta check out on their site. I definitely have way too many cardigans. Can a girl have too many though, really??? (and I just realized... we didn't even hang up all of my cardigans... Oops)

-In other hugehugehuge news....

Our other post for Simple Mom, the Branch Necklace Holder Tutorial, was shown on the Martha Stewart website. THE MARTHA STEWART WEBSITE! I'm practically famous. Or, not at all, since it doesn't even link to The Burlap Bag, but Simple Mom. But I can pretend that Martha knows me. Even though she didn't even write the article. I'm great at crushing my own excitement apparently.

But I did email my mom about it, who called me and was probably almost crying with excitement. And she told me I had to email my grandmas... one of which told me she now had so much to brag about to others. Ha!

Here's a screenshot of our branch on the Martha Stewart website!

-And our third exciting thing from Wednesday - If you missed our previous post - we just created an online shop for The Burlap Bag! It has so many awesome items that we also have in our retail shop. I want them all. And I'm not allowed to steal from my own store. But this is perfect for those of you who aren't here in Austin!

So yeah, Wednesday was kinda crazy, between Martha Stewart, Josiah's Simple Mom post going up, aaaaaand our online shop. Today I'm just breathing. It's pretty uneventful, which is also nice.

ok. So much excitement in one post. Sorry. I'll try to be more depressing next time. Goodbye.