homemade all purpose cleaner

Josiah and I have been using our own DIY all purpose cleaner for almost a year now... and never once thought to blog about it! It's super simple, the cheapest thing ever, AND nontoxic. Yippee for all those things. Now we will stop being selfish and share it with you:

homemade all purpose cleaner - The Burlap Bag

homemade all purpose cleaner - The Burlap Bag

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner:

Essential Oil (optional! makes it smell better)

Are you ready for the super complicated instructions: Mix together equal parts vinegar and water. We do half a cup of each and they fit lovely in our spray bottle. Then pour in 8-12ish drops of essential oil. More if you want it super smelly I guess...


And that's it! Pour it in a spray bottle. We got ours at the grocery store. Harold E Butt's grocery store. Also known as HEB. Ours is the Jewish one. Well, the store isn't Jewish. But it's in the middle of a very Jewish community and we have a huge kosher section and a kosher deli! And I always claim to friends that I see lots of Hasidic Jews with the long curly sideburns but then Josiah always points out that I actually never do. Just lots of matzo. Don't believe me? Type in Jewish HEB in google. My HEB is the first that comes up. Ha! No, I'm not Jewish. But I love Jewish people! Ok, sorry for my HEB sidenote.

Use this awesome all purpose spray anywhere! I give it a little shake every time before I use it to remix the essential oil into it. This WILL smell like vinegar when you spray it, but when the vinegar dries, it won't smell. We mainly use it in the kitchen but you would use it on bathroom counters and in the tub. Vinegar is AWESOME for killing germs and bacteria! And it's not bad if your kids get ahold of it like those other yucky cleaners. And it's so stinkin cheap. I got that massive container of white vinegar for like $2 at my Harold E Butt's. (sorry. couldn't help myself from calling it that again.)

Ok. Go clean. Not like I'm going to though. I'm at the shop making music playlists and other important things. Like thinking of all the different "themed" grocery stores out there. The east side Austin HEB has a huge row of just tortillas! Mine has like two options. Tell me about your themed grocery store please. I find them entertaining.

Officially done rambling.