Homemade Garlic Powder

I had no idea until YESTERDAY that you could make your own homemade garlic powder. As soon as I heard about it, I ran and bought some garlic at the nearest grocery store. I needed to test it out and make garlic powder as soon as possible.

That's totally the difference between Josiah and me. I want to do something RIGHT AWAY. You need more socks? Let's go get them. You mentioned frozen yogurt? Right now. But Josiah? He's like "let's do it Friday." Which means never. So instead we balance each other... sometimes impulsive, sometimes not. (maybe why we opened our own retail store at 22. a little impulsive. but we waited until we were 22! haaa)

Anyways, diy garlic powder. so awesome.






-Getcha garlic. Lots and lots of garlic.
-Peel them all.
-Cut them into thin, uniform slices.
-Stick them in the oven at the lowest temperature yours will go (mine goes to 150). OR a dehydrator! But we don't have one of those.
-Leave it in there for forever. (ok, a couple of hours. your oven is barely on) But they need to be VERY VERY DRY. Brittle. If they are a little "wet" still and you do the next step, they will jam everything. (i know from experience with a few fatter garlic pieces. oooooops)
-Then stick them in a coffee grinder. OR a mortar & pestle if you like a good arm workout. 30 seconds in a
coffee grinder and you will have garlic powder EXACTLY like the kind you'd buy at the store. Except without the preservatives that some of the store ones have. Yuck, preservatives! Yay, all natural garlic powder!

Ok. Now pictures to walk you through it all.


getcha garlic.


Peel them all. you should probably do this while watching a movie. but i just sat there and watched my cats bite each other's faces.


Lay them all out on a baking pan. (this is why Josiah is AWESOME. i would've just slapped them all down. but he lays them straight and nice in rows. they look lovely. life is art)


Bake them at the lowest temperature ever... for forever. Yes. I destroyed his nice straight lines. I kept poking pieces to see if they were done. sry jo. OH AND A NOTE: this will make your house smell so so so much of garlic. I loved it. Josiah hated it. Ha


And then grind it up! It should be done in 30 seconds if your garlic pieces are truly dry. Then you've got some homemade garlic powder!


I stuck mine in a old spice container. Which still smelled of basil. So now I've got basil scented garlic powder. Haha oops. Still just as tasty!

Isn't that the coolest food recipe trick thing ever??! Never buy garlic powder again. You could mix in salt and make your own garlic salt jar. Or you could mix in onion & red pepper flakes and salt and make your own yummy seasoning.