our online shop!

Cutting straight to the chase: We just created an online shop for The Burlap Bag!!

We've had so so so many of you ask for a way to get some of our shop's awesome handmade items... without having to visit Austin, Texas. So we've made that possible with our online shop! It's right here on our blog so you never have to even leave your comfy chair, much less your city. Your request is our command!

This week has been CRAZY photo'ing all the items and writing all the descriptions. I even snuck in some snarky gems in there when I got bored of writing... ha. It is JUST a sampling of the handmade items you can find at our actual brick-and-mortar shop, The Burlap Bag, in Austin. We will be adding new items frequently!

Ok GO! Please check it out and enjoy ogling the lovely handmade goods!