a lesson in shape

If you missed our post last Thursday, we shared with you how we're doing a mini-series with Simple Design! Each week we’re talking about a different element and how we implement that into our life. Well, this week's post is up. And it's... A Lesson in Shape.

We chat and give examples about where we've found shape in our life at home and at the shop. Go check it out!

In other news... today Josiah and I are celebrating being married for FOUR years! Yes... we are only 23. Yes... that means we got married when we're 19. And then opened a store at 22. We never claimed to be normal. Ha.

and now. a special prize for you readers. a wedding photo from 4 years ago:


wow, how things change in 4 years! add some bangs for lauren, some dorky green glasses for josiah, and CUT THAT HAIR josiah. and lauren needs to dye 10 inches of hers pink and purple. (actually there were 2 inches of pink at the bottom but you just can't see it here.)

but some things never change: loving bright colors. loving nature. feeling super awkward being photographed.

ok the end. erase that picture from your memory now. more updated one here.