chalk sandwich board - impulse shoppers wanted

Running the shop gives us amazing opportunities like working with awesome artists! We've now gotten to work with Kathy Phan of kathyphantastic TWO times! Last time, Kathy drew on our HUGE chalkboard a "Austin Texas - I love you" design. And we did a time lapse of the whole thing which is amazing to watch! Blog post on that one here.

This time, Kathy wrote on our chalk sandwich board that we have right outside our building. It says "impulse shoppers wanted". Bahah


We asked on facebook for funny suggestions for our sandwich board. And this was our favorite that was suggested! Many thanks to Kathy for all her hard work - she actually had to do the design TWICE - one on each side of the board. Here she is with the other side of the sandwich board.


If you think the board is funny, go like her kathyphantastic facebook page! She'll think you're... phantastic. (p.s. one of my favorite typos ever is when I wrote kathyPANTastic on instagram. haha!)

We also just got a bunch of Kathy's stuff in our retail shop AND our online shop! She draws lovely designs on plates and cups... and does custom work too! Aren't you dying to have a pet portrait on a plate? (not gonna lie. I think it would be hilarious to have a portrait of our cats.)

ok the end. i love artists.