use a squeegee to gather fuzz & fur & hair

I was really skeptical of whether this would work. Josiah was really really skeptical. Our cats just wanted to play with the squeegee. BUT IT WORKS.

Use a squeegee to gather fuzz and fur and hair off your carpet!! 


Yes, I know. Lauren, just use a vacuum. But if you've ever been like me and had:

-Not the most expensive vacuum cleaner -TONS of carpet fuzz from new (and terrible) carpet (yay for renting) -long hair that gets everywhere AND clogs up the cheap vacuum cleaner -2 cats

then you'll know that vacuum cleaners don't always work like they should. Long hair clogs them up. PLUS they are heavy to lift up and down stairs. Plus they are noisy. And smell weird sometimes. And expensive for a nice one that will actually do a great job of vacuuming!


The squeegee costs $5. (unless you already had one for cleaning windows or something. and there's some online too!)

And it is amazing at gathering all that stuff. I'm not even gonna show you the huge bag of hair/fuzz/furr we gathered because it's just plain NASTY how much there was. Plus it isn't noisy, or a pain to take up and down stairs, or smelly. (and no electricity needed... & an arm workout for you!) The carpet actually even LOOKS like it's been vacuumed - you know, that just-vacuumed-and-if-you-step-you-can-see-your-footprint-look. Amazing cleaning hack / life hack.

If nothing else, just "vacuum" your carpeted stairs with this. You'll thank me later. You'll still probably want to vacuum every now and then to get those smaller dirt things and whatnot. But this is amazing for a quick clean right before guests come over... like this amazing picture that describes my life:


Bahaha. So don't doubt that squeegee-ing your carpet will work! It's amazing. And Josiah can testify to you that it's great! Give it to your kids. They'll have fun. Or your husband. Maybe mine's just easily amused....