book clock tutorial

Summer = slow shop = lots of time on our hands = we have lots of DIY projects to share with you guys! Today: A book clock tutorial


 You'll need: A book (at least 1 inch thick), a clock kit, a drill, a pencil, and box cutter or xacto knife

Clock kits are super cheap, some being just $4! And some even come with numbers! Some options 



1. Figure out where you want the clock to go on your book. Ours is in the middle.

2. Drill a hole through the front cover with a 1/4 inch drill bit. (and through a couple of the pages)


3. Open the front cover. On the first actual page, trace around your clock part to see how big the hole in the book needs to be. (you'll need to make the hole just a little bigger but you also want it to be snug.)


4. Using your knife, start slicing out the paper on the lines you just made. You can take off the pieces of paper as they become loose. Keep cutting off the paper until your clock base can fit in the book with the front cover closed. It doesn't have to be pretty in there, no one will see it. This part will get a little tedious, so put on some good music!


here's Josiah in all his dorky green glasses glory:


and make sure it fits...


5. Close the front cover - you might have to finagle it a little over that tall pointy clock thing. The clock hands SHOULDN'T be on right now. If the hole won't line up (which happened to us), then adjust/make your square hole a little bigger accordingly.


6. Screw on the clock hands and the final bolt that holds them in place. (this does vary based on what clock kit you have)


7. Put it somewhere AWESOME! We placed ours on a bookshelf.

If you're going to hang it up, hang a little hanger-dealy on the back. You might need to use velcro to hold the front cover down.

And done! A book clock for under $10! Amazing. And a great way to reuse an awesome book cover that you don't actually wanna read. Ha!