separate an egg yolk from the white with a bottle

This is another one of those food tricks and life hacks that makes you go "WHAT?!" and then... "Oh duh. Why didn't I think of that?" Ha. Don't worry. Everyone else is in the same dumbfounded boat.

You can use a bottle to easily separate an egg yolk from the egg white.


This tip actually came from one of our blog readers/artists we have in our shop! Feto Soap's lotion bars are amazing and sell like hotcakes at The Burlap Bag. Thanks Lisa!

but Lauren, you can just use the egg shells, you dumb bum! Yes, I know. But I (and lots of other people I'm sure!) have managed to mess that up by getting egg all over my hands, getting an egg shell in there, or breaking the yolk. Plus that way can be time consuming if you're doing a lot of eggs! This takes 1 second per egg.

You'll see in the video what exactly to do. You're basically sucking out the egg yolk with a plastic bottle. It's so easy and would be great for when you need to separate a bunch of egg whites. (meringue, drinks, egg white omelettes, etc.)


Wasn't that cool? Now go try it yourself. You might mess up once or twice but once you get the hang of it, it'll be amazing!