Our first birthday party (plus balloon bunting!)

Well, we did it. Josiah and I made it a year being our own bosses. We ran the shop full time, pretended to be all sorts of official when important people call us, started snarky blogging regularly, and even started an online shop. It's been crazy awesome and thank you everyone for supporting us.

We celebrated with a big ole party. We had 90 people rsvp... and had 200-300 people actually show up! It was insane!

Below are some pictures, more pictures here on facebook:


There were also:

More than 200 macarons, 100 cupcakes, 100 cookies, and 4 dozen cake pops. Yummmmmmmm.

We had a little photo booth set up for people to take pictures if they wanted. We strung up some balloons to be "balloon bunting" for our backdrop. Did you know that if you just use a needle and thread, it's the easiest way ever to string balloons?


 If you don't have a needle, just poke holes through the balloon ends and stick some string in. It's so easy for a party and looks great too! No more need for helium.

Now ya know!