DIY powdered sugar

Straight to the point: You can REALLY REALLY REALLY easily make your own homemade powdered sugar! Like, in 10 seconds. It's perfect for if you run out of powdered sugar, or if you like to make things homemade yourself and know what goes in them, or if you're just cool. I know I am.


Are you ready for it? Get out a spiral and a pen (and some back up pens and a highlighter for doodling) because this gets real crazy intense.

DIY Powdered Sugar

Step one: Grind regular sugar in a coffee grinder/blender for 20 seconds. 

And that's it. Confectioner's sugar. In the palm of your hand/coffee grinder.


Some suggest to put in some cornstarch if you need it to be a little thicker/prevent caking (supposedly you need this for icing). So do that if you think it's not the right consistency! 1-2 tablespoons for 1 cup of sugar. But we loved it with just granulated sugar - ground up.

Remember this for when you're cooking and realize you have NO MORE powdered sugar for that icing/french toast/whatever else you find on pinterest to bake.

(and if you run outta brown sugar, we've got a recipe for that too! homemade brown sugar)

And when you get that nice homemade powdered sugar, then make your own POWDERED SUGAR SHAKER! Man. We're just full of great ideas. Ha. No, we're just dorks who do everything ourselves.