freeze extra herbs in ice cube trays

Our basil plant has been growing all summer long and we finally decided it was time to chop most of it down. (chop? It's not a tree, Lauren, it's a 1 foot tall plant...) We set out to make some pesto, but then realized: we didn't have cheese. Or pine nuts. Or any nuts. So instead, we just chopped up the basil super fine and mixed it with some olive oil.

Then we stuck it in some ice cube trays in the freezer - -


Once they were frozen, we popped them out and stuck them in another container. Whenever we're cooking and want some "fresh" (not really fresh but better than dried store bought basil!) we can just grab one of these frozen cubes. Super fast and easy. We did that the other night with spagetti and it was wonderful!


So whenever your plant is big, do all the work at once, and then you're set for a whole season on basil! (or whatever herbs you like! Oregano... mm. Rosemary... mmmm. You could also do this with pesto but you wouldn't wanna freeze it with cheese already in it. Enjoy!