DIY ground cinnamon

Last night we were at some friends' house and Josiah smelled a cinnamon stick. Terribly boring story, right?And then he had a brilliant idea. Instead of BUYING ground cinnamon, why not make your own??!

Thus... the tutorial.... DIY ground cinnamon


It's the easiest thing ever. Seriously. Just put cinnamon sticks on your coffee grinder for one-ish minute... and you'll get a lovely powder of cinnamon. Do it longer if you want even tinier particles!

Why not just buy pre-ground cinnamon? You can. We're just going back to the basics with cinnamon bark and grinding it up.  And it's just kinda awesome to make it yourself. And really really cheap. We bought a bajillion cinnamon sticks for less than $2. Plus, there's no added preservatives in homemade ground cinnamon. A lot of those containers add some preservatives to prevent from caking/clumping... yuck. If this clumps, just stick it back in the coffee grinder.

We realized we use our coffee grinder for so many other uses - diy powdered sugar, diy garlic powder, homemade onion flakes...... it's the "poor-man's food processor" since we don't have one, or the "modern mortar-and-pestle", since we don't have one of those either. Ha!

Ok go make your own ground cinnamon! And then go make some french toast, or pumpkin pie, or oatmeal, or cinnamon rolls, or do the cinnamon challenge if you're a crazy person.