2012 review

2012 review:The Burlap Bag:

  • Started the Burlap Bag's online shop

  • Worked 37 days STRAIGHT in a row!! and now we're officially open on Sundays

  • Started making candles and have made over 1000 candles to date

  • Met lots of other business owners/managers! SunnieBunnie over at Atown is now a dear friend that we met this year.

  • Lauren was on TV! Had a great interview about shopping local that aired on Thanksgiving.

  • Had many awesome sites share our blog posts! Fiji Water, Life Hacker, Buzzfeed, Seventh Generation, MARTHA STEWART, and many others

  • Started guest blogging for Simple Design!

  • Held our own craft fair – with over 1000 people in the shop within 3 days!

  • Had a big ole booth at Renegade Craft Fair

  • Held 2 free clothing swaps for ladies

  • And most importantly… The Burlap Bag turned ONE!! A huge & exciting moment for us.

The Lowe Life

  • Hung out lots and lots with friends. A few favorite memories: Snowshoeing in Boise with the Vinson's, seeing Sufjan Stevens in concert with the Salina crowd, hanging on a barge under the 360 bridge, "initiating" Patrick's new game store with the first game, and having many a visit to dog&duck pub.

  • Dyed 10 inches of my hair pink.

  • Celebrated being married for FOUR years!

  • Discovered Chipotle's ordering app (this definitely deserves mention... yes, even right after the 4 years of marriage point!)

  • Ran a lot! Ran a whole mile in under 10 minutes for the first time ever. Did our first official 5k (the color me rad 5k!)

  • Started an instgram for the kitties (@carrotsandturnip) and they have over 2000 followers. ridiculous.

  • Discovered our Torchy's Tacos obsession.

  • Grew a very fruitful (literally!) garden! 4 massive taller-than-me tomato plants, 3 bell pepper plants that are still producing, and herbs!

Things that would make Josiah and I smile in 2013:

  • Running a 10k.

  • Holding another craft fair/trunk show

  • Hosting more free clothing swaps at the shop!

  • Getting our candles in at least 5 other Austin shops

  • Blog more frequently!

  • 10,000 instagram followers for the kitties. They need to be famous and ridiculous.

Thanks everyone for reading our blog/shopping at our store/supporting us! We’ll try to bring you many more silly posts in 2013.


Lauren and Josiah

Lauren and Josiah Lowe

Lauren and Josiah Lowe