2013 spread joy challenge

Josiah and I have lots to be thankful for - and we want to spread that joy to others. And we encourage you to spread your joy too. We normally aren't super sappy - but we think helping others is awesome.

We posted this on facebook today: "2013 SPREAD JOY CHALLENGE: We will pick 5 random people who comment on this status to receive a gift from us sometime in 2013. The only catch is that you must also pay it forward to 5 people via your facebook status. You could give homemade baked goods, a handmade gift, a gift card, or or or...." and we were so excited about peoples' willing responses about spreading happiness to others!

So. Join us in what we've called the 2013 Spread Joy Challenge.


There's SO many things we can do for those around us - some involve money, some involve just 2 seconds of your time, some are more involved time-wise and financially. 

  • Buy the coffee of the people behind you

  • Buy an extra can of cat food for the crazy cat lady behind you

  • Bake your neighbors some cookies

  • Get your friend a random gift - no occasion!

  • Give your waiter/waitress a great big tip!

  • Take some college kids out to dinner.

  • Help friends pack and move

  • Offer to babysit for those friends with the crazy kids

  • Send someone money/gift cards in the mail ANONYMOUSLY.

  • Offer to help your neighbor unload their heavy groceries/someone reach that item on the top shelf

  • and endless other ideas! Share ideas in the comments!

If you think you're up for the challenge, please join us in "paying it forward" to 5 people. Leave a comment saying you're IN if you like! And please come back and share what you're doing to make some smiles. 

love, love, love,

lauren and josiah