DIY smelly markers

I was obsessed with smelly markers as a kid. OBSESSED. And you know what? Somethings never change. But now I'm "an adult" (whatever that means) so I have to be all cool and make my own smelly markers.

DIY smelly markers tutorial:


It's super super easy. Well, if you have the right kind of markers. More on that later:

Grab some markers. Some say they need to NOT be waterproof markers, but I have no idea if our markers were waterproof or not. So, test that out yourself and someone let me know, kthanks.

And grab some essential oil (or fragrance oil or some scenty oil thing). We used this:


(but it would be awesome to have a bunch of different scents for different colors! Vanilla for brown, lemon for yellow, orange for orange duh, spearmint for green, etc.

Here's the tricky part: Take the small end cap off of the marker. Some come off really easily - ours had to be pried off with pliers. Hopefully you have some easy ones or some strong hands. Take out that weird beef jerky looking tube - that's what we need! 


Now that you have the ink tube, you will put 10ish drops of scenty oil into it. We did it on the side that will almost directly touch the tip of the marker so that it smells harder/better/faster/stronger. (experiment and see how many drops is perfect for your nose!)


And then let it sit for awhile to let the scent get all in everything's business. Maybe a couple of hours/overnight?

And then you'll have some lovely homemade smelly markers! And YOU got to pick the scents! 

ok, just for funsies and nostalgic purposes: 



Everyone knows that the light blue (mango) and light pink (melon) ones are the best. And that black is the worst (licorice! yuck!)