Attach magnets to tools

Ok. This is totally one of those "oh obviously, why didn't I think of that" projects. Can you call it a project if it takes 10 seconds? I feel like I ask myself that a lot. I JUST LIKE SIMPLE THINGS, oK?! Well. I didn't actually think of it. I saw this on the interwebz and it wasn't sourced. So I made a lovely new graphic because I can, and I made the color match our hammer brand. You can barely see the yellow brand band in the photo but I know it's there.

Attach magnets to tools to hold screws, nails, and other metal things. 


Just glue on a magnet and you can hold metal stuff! (If you use hot glue, you can take it off if you decide you no likey the magnet later in life.)

Also, we thought we'd be super smart and think about doing this on our drill... and found in the process that our drill actually HAS a magnetic strip built in so it'll hold your screws. DOH.... but you COULD do this on a screwdriver or wrench.

Obviously, don't make it hold like 5 nails and do some vigorous hammering. You'll hurt an eyeball. This is perfect for those whimpy IKEA nails, or if you're just tacking up a picture. Josiah always has me be his "nail holder", so YOU CAN'T MAKE ME ANYMORE. (sorry for all the yelling. it's been a long day and someone gave me caffeine!)