basic raw oats recipe

Josiah and I have been eating raw oats for breakfast for 3 weeks now... and love eating them every morning! They have the same "softness" as when you cook oats on the stove (or in the microwave, you sicko you), but these aren't cooked - just soaked overnight. Every recipe I've seen had like a bajillion ingredients, and I like things SUPER basic.... and then you can add in whatever YOU like!

Reasons I love raw oats:

  • Eating oats raw is healthier since you're not cooking out more of the good stuffz.

  • The cold is actually refreshing to eat! (especially in Texas where it's 83 degrees in January....)

  • No pan to clean every morning

  • No waiting for the oats to cook (even if it does just take 5 minutes to cook. I'm hungry in the morning... and in a little bit of a daze!)


Now before you get yourself in a tizzy about how the oats aren't actually raw because the manufacturer usually slightly heats them before they go to the grocery store.... calm it down. By "raw" oats, we just mean that we aren't heating/cooking them at all. 

The recipe is SO easy! Just tweak it to your own palate.

Basic Raw Oats Recipe

Soak overnight: equal parts LIQUID and OATS. Put them in the fridge if there's dairy or something that says to keep cold once opened, like soy milk.

Liquid options: Milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, water, apple juice, and many more I'm sure!

Oat options: Old-fashioned oats, quick oats, and steel cut oats. (although steel cut oats are a little chewy. Maybe if you soak them 24 hours instead of 12 hours they'd get softer)

Mix-in options: ENDLESS! honey, cinnamon, & pecans are some of our favorites. You could add ground flax seed, chia seeds, bananas, peaches, raisins, spices, brown sugar, coconut... and more and more. We add in our mix-ins the night before - we've been adding honey and it soaks into the oats and tastes amazing.

If you find that in the morning, it's "not wet" enough, you can add in more liquid right then! We put 1/4 cup of regular oats & 1/4 cup of some milkish thing in a mason jar and it's perfect for us.

And that's it! Tell us what mix-ins you think would be awesome! (or liquid! I want to try apple juice....sounds intriguing)