diy goo gone

Here at the shop, we give people $1 off their next candle purchase if they bring us their previous candle jar once they're done with it. And we've had TONS of people return them - which is awesome! What's not awesome: having to take off all the label stickers and clean 'em out so we can reuse them for más candles. Well, luckily, there's an awesome way to make your own goo gone (or sticky-stuff-be-gone-mixture). Or whatever you wanna call it. AND IT'S SO SIMPLE!

DIY goo gone:


Are ya ready: (you better be. it's soooo complicated)

Mix together equal-ish parts baking soda and oil

You can choose whatever type of oil you want. Vegetable, canola, olive, sesame, coconut if you're feeling tropical.... 


We tried it with both canola and sesame because that's what we had lying around.

Form it into a paste - obviously add more baking soda if you think it's too liquidy, more oil if it's too thick.

Then, spread it onto whatever has that icky sticky residue and leave it for a few minutes. Then come back and wipe it with a sponge/cloth. You might hafta work for like 15 seconds at it if it's a super sticky thing, but it'll come off so much easier than if you had no homemade goo gone and tried to use your fingernail (and breaking it in the process!).

I accidentally left it on one jar for an hour and then came back to AMAZENESS to clean up. I literally just wiped it with a sponge and goodbye sticky stuffffff.


What's awesome about this:

-It's completely made of foods you can eat. (I mean, don't. It would taste sick nasty. But what is even IN real goo gone?) sidenote: I saw another post online for homemade goo gone and it included GASOLINE as an ingredient. Umm... what??! Does it get more gross/smelly/toxic than gasoline? 

-It's sooooo easy and cheap to make yourself! Baking soda is 48 cents online. 48 CENTS! Plus it's completely customizable with whatever oil you want.


and if you're missing that "goo gone-y" smell with this homemade goo gone... never fear. Grab some orange essential oil and it'll be smelling just like normal! Or you could add peppermint... or lemon.... or or or.....

do be careful about what materials you use this on, please! try it on a small area first. it worked great on glass. but don't come crying to me because your blah blah blah got ruined - i warned ya!