giveaway - custom portrait!

Ok. Get ready for another awesome giveaway. Our friend Mandy creates these AMAZING portraits. I seriously want to keep this for myself because how ridiculous/awesome would our portrait be? Me in a vintage dress, Josiah's dorky glasses and a sweet bow tie, plus Carrots and Turnip, of course. So I'll just pick myself as the giveaway winner, ok? Ok. Ok fine just kidding.

A custom portrait for YOU is up for grabs! 


One of these portraits would be so perfect for: newlyweds, new parents, your parents' anniversary, the holiday season, a crazy cat lady, etc etc. You'll receive an awesome 8.5 x 11" hand drawn and painted illustration on watercolor paper.


Some words from Mandy herself:

All I need to get started on a Custom Portrait are a bunch of pictures of the couple/family and their pets. I really love it, if at least one picture is of them from head-to-toe. (That is way helpful for me) And then I ask them some questions about what they want to wear, how they want their hair to look and other stuff too, like when they got married if they want it listed.. One of my favorite portraits has chickens in it!

I opened up my etsy shop last November and I started working from home full time this January. Aaaand almost everyday I paint, I listen to Alison Krause & Union Station or She & Him.


and here's the cute portrait with the chickens!


Aren't you just dying for your own portrait? I knew it. Here's how you can win:

We have 7 different ways you can enter this giveaway for a custom watercolor portrait. Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry… so if you do all 7, you should leave us 7 different comments here! If you leave them all in one comment we will NOT count them as multiple… it gets too crazy with +100 comments!

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The giveaway officially ended June 1st, 2013  at 1:00pm central time. Jessica is our winner! (check yo email!)