use a carrot to transport knives

This is one of those simple little life hacks/tips and tricks that are like "oh. duh. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT SOONER??!" Picnics are awesome. I'm especially fans of one that include an Austin skyline, lots of fruit, salami, CHEESE, and boxed wine. And a calm dog or two. Ok and dessert.

But you always gotta bring a knife for that cheese. I don't know how many times I've been like "uh, what do i do with the knife?" and just awkwardly stuck it in my bag... hoping to not accidentally stab myself to death.

WELL fear no more. Here's a solution:

Use a carrot to transport knives (perfect for picnics!)


I actually got this idea from a book - they mentioned to use two wine corks. Which I then tried and almost sliced my finger off.... it was so dry, there was no getting the knife in there!

So I thought for a minute about what else I could use... a carrot! We just sliced through the carrot with the entire blade until the knife was halfway through the carrot - and then just stopped so that it stayed in there. Carrots are thick enough that it won't continue going through all on its own. (you could also try a squash or something like that, but they aren't quite as hard). And when you get back home, just eat the carrot! No wasting! And no blood. It's what I would call a perfect day.

Go enjoy yourself a good picnic for me, no blood please.