extreme caprese salad

Mmm. Here's a fresh & super simple salad that you can eat endless amounts of. AND IT TASTES SOOOO GOOOOOOD. That's my kind of meal. We've eaten what we've named "extreme caprese salad" for at least 15 of the past 30 dinners, seriously. You can just add different things here and there and it takes on a new taste. We love love love it.


Caprese Salad base:
- Mozzarella
- Tomatoes
- Basil

"Extreme" added ingredient options (our go-tos every time):
- AVOCADOS (you seriously don't need any olive oil if you mix in an avocado. they are like crack.)
- bell pepper
- zucchini/squash
- crouton-sized bread pieces
- creole seasoning (we use this instead of salt. also like crack)

Other options:
Spinach, lime juice, raw onions, beans, olive oil, salt, rice, I mean SERIOUSLY ANYTHING.

We cut up all the veggies into bite sized pieces, shred the cheese (I definitely prefer little pieces everywhere to a big ole chunk of cheese. I want it in every bite!), and tear the bread up small. We then mix everything together and the avocado makes an amaaaazing coating for everything, almost into a giant guacamole? Then consume consume consume. Just with a fork. Or your face.

We've been using fresh tomatoes, bell pepers, and basil straight from our garden! Using food that you grow is amazing, seriously. (If you don't follow us on da instagrams, we posted a photo of our beautiful bell peppers the other day!)